Course curriculum

  • 1


    • How to Assemble a Treadmill

    • How to Adjust a Treadmill Running Belt

    • How to Fix a Squeaking Treadmill

    • How to Lubricate your Treadmill Belt

    • How to Maintain your Treadmill

    • How to Re-Calibrate your Treadmill

    • Top Tip for Assembling a Treadmill

  • 2


    • How to Assemble an Exercise Bike

    • How to Set-Up a Spin Bike

    • How to Fix a Brake on a Spin Bike

    • How to FIx a Loose Seat

    • How to fix a Wobbly Bike

    • How to Maintain Pedals

    • How to Maintain your Spin Bike

  • 3

    Rowers & Vibration Plates

    • How to Maintain a Rower

    • How to Set-Up a Vibration Plate

    • How to Fix Rattles and Noises on a Vibration Plate

  • 4

    Cross Trainers

    • How to Assemble a Cross Trainer

    • How to Fix a Noisy Cross Trainer

    • How to Fix a Wobbly Cross Trainer

    • How to Maintain your Cross Trainer

    • Top Tip for Fixing a Squeaking Cross Trainer

  • 5


    • How to Fix Damaged Wires

    • How to Use Tools

    • Where to Keep your Machine

    • Top Tip for Avoiding Wiring Damage